The structure of society and family has changed so much over the last few decades that the Law has continuously developed to keep pace. The recent statistics show that roughly one in two marriages in the modern world will break down and living together arrangements are on the increase.

How have we at London Law Chambers adapted our practice to help clients?

We always listen to clients and put our client’s interests first. We recognise that a family problem can costly both financially and emotionally; therefore, we at London Law Chambers have developed a team with the family law experience and with a broad range of skills including an extensive knowledge of the Law, who understand client’s needs and can advise in a positive and receptive manner. We will take on a practical but compassionate approach in helping our clients in making those difficult decisions which unavoidably occur with a family problem.

Our special family law solicitors in London will work beside you to achieve a fair outcome. We can help our clients choose the best legal route for them, whether that be to negotiate, litigate, collaborate or mediate; we can guide them in the right direction. We pride ourselves at being effective in providing our clients with practicable, controllable solutions which minimise the aggression, stress and cost and enable our clients to get on with their lives with an embarrassed solutions which are in their best interests and in the best interests of their children.


We have customized our services to help clients in the modern world and whether you are married or in a relationship, and whether you have children or not we can advise you on any of the following:-

  • prenuptial and pre-civil partnership agreements
  • Divorce and dissolution of civil partnerships
  • Trusts issues
  • Unmarried couples ;living together or separation agreements;
  • Family breakdown and Trusts
  • Family breakdown and companies
  • International family breakdown
  • Collaborative law
  • Domestic violence