We deal with a wide range of commercial lease issues from shops and office buildings to industrial buildings. We act for both landlords and tenants. Leases for commercial property are often relatively complex and it is important that you have a solicitor who is able to explain to you all the implications and obligations.

We promise the following:

  • We guarantee that a qualified solicitor will oversee your transaction from start to finish.
  • We will provide a comprehensive itemised quote of all of the likely costs before any work is carried out.
  • We are cheaper than estate agent recommended solicitors and we do not pay referral fees.
  • We are quicker, more efficient and more knowledgeable than any other firm in High Wycombe.
  • We answer queries immediately.
  • We stay open through lunchtime.

Commercial tenants

If you are considering taking on a commercial lease we can assist you in all matters relating to your acquisition. We will check the terms of the lease, negotiate on your behalf to minimise the risks to you as a tenant and work on trying to get you into the building as quickly as is reasonably possible.

The terms imposed under a commercial lease can be extremely onerous for the tenant. It is therefore essential that you seek legal advice before committing yourself.

Commercial landlords

If you are considering leasing commercial premises to tenants, whether this be offices, workshops, factories, storage units, restaurants or shops, you should have the lease professionally drafted to ensure that you are adequately protected and that your exposure is limited as far as possible. We can help by either drafting your lease from scratch or reviewing any existing draft lease. We can carry out all negotiations on your behalf with the prospective tenant’s solicitors and also prepare any associated legal documents such as options or pre-emption agreements.

We can also assist where an existing lease is due to come to an end by helping to negotiate a new lease or ensuring the end of the lease comes to a smooth conclusion.

If you have a tenant who is breaching the existing lease we can also assist you in taking the necessary steps to deal with this issue.